Features 1. High precision. The oil level sensor has a resolution of 0.1mm and a measurement accuracy of ±0.5%, which can ensure high measurement accuracy in the external environment of high temperature and high cold; 2. Good long-term stability. The oil level sensor adopts ultrasonic measurement method to realize non-contact measurement, which is different from the commonly used direct contact float type, pressure type and magnetic sliding type measurement method, so as to avoid the oil level sensor from being corroded and polluted by fuel. It can maintain the stability of long-term measurement; 3. Easy to install and maintain. Just install the sensor probe under the outside of the fuel tank, no need to change the crude oil tank measurement system, no need to open and replace the fuel tank, to ensure the normal operation of the original vehicle fuel meter; 4. Environmental protection, no pollution, low energy consumption, non-contact measurement, no need to Dirty and contaminated fuel due to drilling or modification of the fuel tank. 5. Strong reliability. It can also work normally in harsh environments, moisture-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference, and intelligent. The product can be used alone to directly view the data using the auxiliary display screen, or it can be used in conjunction with the GPS device to transmit the data to the background through the GPS device for data statistics, report analysis and query.